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Child Custody and Support Newsletters

Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act

The Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act was passed in 1998 to amend the Child Support Recovery Act by making it a felony to fail to pay to pay child support for a child located in another state.

Income Withholding for Child Support Actions

Wage withholding is a method of paying child support by having the obligation taken directly out of the parent’s pay by the employer. Some parents voluntarily agree to wage withholding; others have it imposed upon them by a court.

Parental Support of Disabled Adult Children

A parent’s child support obligation may not terminate when the child attains the age of majority. If an adult child cannot be self supporting due to a disability, the state may require that child support be continued.

Possessory Conservatorship in Custody Awards

There are times when a court finds it necessary to appoint someone to be responsible for a minor child. In Texas, that means the appointment of a “managing conservator.” When a managing conservator is appointed, the court may appoint a “possessory conservator,” which is an order setting the times and conditions for possession of or access to the child.

Tender Years Presumption in Custody Awards

The tender years doctrine is a presumption by a court that a very young child should remain in the care of the child’s mother and that a father needs to overcome that presumption by showing he would be the better parent. Many courts no longer use this presumption in making custody determinations.